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Pretty (Internet) Hate Machine

Vegan-friendly recipes from the anarchist's cookbook.

Omnia mea mecum porto
20 November 1981
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zofia is the furthest thing from a dogmatic believer
zofia is not improving with treatment
zofia is a single mother with a child support problem
zofia is gradually taking on the website work
zofia is now known as pillule
zofia is a chemical engineer
Zofia is picking out classic white bridal dresses in silk, satin, lace.
zofia is a Russian mercenary and appears sporadically
zofia is a respected professor of philosophy
zofia is a negative character
zofia is forced to confront her past
zofia is clearly well known
zofia is 16" tall, full Porcelain with painted eyes
zofia is definitely not the hottest, she just has the only skintight suit
zofia is sponsoring a competition to determine the best sweet mead
zofia is brave because she came all the way to canada and could not speak english
zofia is one of the most versatile runners around
zofia is body checked, anesthetized and sleeping
zofia is blind and has no need for lighting
zofia is willing to do light housework
zofia is 62 and likes her quarters at the station
zofia is looking glum as well as sorrowful
zofia is today a complete invalid
zofia is planning to go
zofia is ready
zofia is always ready

a+++, action figures, alcoholism, ambiguity, amoebas, animated gifs, ant infestations, anxiety, attrition, banthas, being toothless, big trucks, bikini collections, boob jobs, bow-legged women, british teeth, candy-coated cock, catheters, catholic church burgers, chicken breasts, cockroaches, communicable diseases, crack, cum in champagne flutes, damage, decongestant addiction, deep vein thrombosis, diabetes, douching with nestea, drinking the kool-aid, eating strawberries, ebay etiquette, elephantitis, evil, excessively large tits, expired birth control, fascist lepers, fat chicks in leather, feather dusters, finding jeans, finger-fucking, foreign aid, fortune cookies, frequent urination, fucking horses, gambling, gelatin, ghetto booty, gigantic cow pats, gigantic squid, gosh!!!!!!!, grammar, groupies, gucci models, guys named 'tom', hardcore anal escapades, hiv, hobgoblins, hollowed out volcanoes, horse shows, huffing butane behind denny's, hypnotists, infertility, interpol, interpretive dance, japanese hairstylists, jokes about lightbulbs, jonbenet ramsey, jumping on the bandwagon, lap dances, listening skills, love handles, meningitis, migraines, minions, molestation, mother fuckers, my barren uterus, naked girls from portland, noradrenaline, oedipus complex, oh noes!!!!, orthodontic headgear, paraplegic sex, passport fraud, pepper spray, picking my nose, pixelated butts, plastic breasts, pocket tissues, pregnant bondage, prescription drugs, pudding, realistic robot babies, recalcitrant lovers, rhetoric, schemes, semen enemas, sheesh, shitty tattoos, shooting junk, slamming it down fast, smegma, smelling dead things, snails, sniffing my fingers, soccer moms, sodomy, solar powered sex machines, spines, steroid use, stout and bitter women, strap-ons, such a fucking gawth, suppository abuse, sycophant fanboy fucks, syphillis, talking dirty, teenyboppers, teleporting, the fucking french, track marks, train wrecks, trepanation, trucker hats, urinal cakes, vanity, veins, villainy, virgins, whores, yarrrrrrrrrrrr, マザファカーズ